Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

Many people don't know the importance of clean water. Good hygiene is quikly taught.

Domestic water has to be collected from ponds and drinking water needs to be purchased every day. During the rainy season the area is regularly flooded, leading to a further aggravation of the situation. Child mortality is very high. The missing access to clean water and sanitation leads to a high incidence of diarrheal diseases; acute and chronic malnutrition are frequent consequences. Other communicable diseases and respiratory infections are spreading quickly due to the poor living conditions. Even simple precautionary measures to prevent infections are not taken due to low health awareness and poverty. Examples of simple precautions include washing hands thoroughly and protecting village water supplies from human and animal contamination.

Please donate to teach good hygiene to villagers. Your donation will help the most vulnerable groups including pregnant women and children.

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07 November 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Help women become empowered

10 February 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

09 February 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Elementary School Supplies

03 January 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

05 December 2016

Thiri gave $55.00 for Medicine for the poor


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