Thaton Orphanage

Thaton Orphanage

This orphanage in Thaton provides school and care for over 19 orphaned children.

In February 2017 Unity of Myanmar visited the orphanage with lots of essential supplies. The orphanage cares for orphans from 4 to 16. We provided donations with the most pressing needs with clothes such as pants, underwear, shirts, and traditional boys and girls clothes and sandals.. Also donated were soap, toothbrushes, shampoo, combs, toothpaste, cups, and buckets.

The monks and caretakers who run the orphanage do so with love in their hearts but the place survives only with donations. Please donate now to help these orphans.


Give $75.00

Latest Activity

07 November 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Help women become empowered

10 February 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

09 February 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Elementary School Supplies

03 January 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

05 December 2016

Thiri gave $55.00 for Medicine for the poor