About Us

We're just like you! We want to help were we can.

More specifically, Unity of Myanmar is a non-profit organization determined to provide support to the people of Myanmar (Burma). Donations are collected to fund four areas of focus: Clean Water, Health, Education, Women and Children.

We are a group of concerned U.S. and Myanmar citizens who decided to take massive action to help the people of Myanmar. We began operations in 2014. We are made up of a board of directors, management, workers, and volunteers. We have experience in providing assistance to people in need. Prior to the official formation of our organization, we raised $50,000 to support the Cyclone Nargis rescue effort.  We delivered rice, oil, water, and medicines under difficult conditions, in the delta region of Myanmar.

Although we were effective, we realized the need to create a stronger structure for on-going support. We continued to grow our extensive network of contacts throughout Myanmar. These contacts have years of experience in NGOs and non-profit organizations operating in Myanmar cities and rural areas.

The Unity of Myanmar Board of Directors:

President: Mrs. Khin Nadi

Vice-President: Mr. Gregg Hooper

If you would like to help or have a question, please contact us at contact@unityofmyanmar.org


Latest Activity

07 November 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Help women become empowered

10 February 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

09 February 2017

Moe gave $10.00 for Elementary School Supplies

03 January 2017

Moe gave $15.00 for Teach Villagers About Good Hygiene

05 December 2016

Thiri gave $55.00 for Medicine for the poor